Jesus Was an Influencer

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Jesus Was an Influencer

I keep seeing comments like, “You’re a ________, you should stick to that,” whether it be backlash at comedians, influencers, or entertainers of any type. But to me this makes no sense.

Without beating around the proverbial or biblical bush, Jesus was an influencer. Think about it.

He used his platform (a.k.a. his physical human voice and maybe a rock-shaped dais) to influence others. Hell, he even had a ‘following.’

He taught that we should love thy neighbor. He stated we shalt not kill. He spoke for peace and CHANGE. And people LISTENED… But my point is not a religious one. My point is that nowadays, he’s an idol. We worship his teachings.

But we also have influencers on the inter webs. And boy does society get uncomfortable when we think they’re trying to ‘influence’ us. Psh.

We aren’t sheep! When they try to get “political” (aka speak on social topics)? Heaven forbid!

Which sort of leaves us with a shallow, hurtful society because of what we now idolize. Sure, there are many powerful voices who attempt to use their modem box (like a soapbox, but more far-reaching) for good. But we often don’t appreciate the power of their message. We turn a blind eye, saying we didn’t put them on their pedestal because of their beliefs; we did because of their connections, style, or words. In turn, we uphold potentially empty imagery as our role models instead. We see that now in those using the #BlackLivesMatter protests as backdrops for fashion shoots or monetary gain. We even see it in our President’s tweets.

And that’s so dangerous. This emptiness of message is a detriment to our society and our culture. It elevates materialism above all else, even other human lives. It makes selfishness a priority as we work to obtain the things influencers tell us to buy, instead of emulating their actual content/values.

So, next time an influencer, actor, comedian, or the likes takes a stance? Just remember, “no man is an island;” we are all influenced by others. But we are also whole, complex beings that have much to contribute to many arenas and topics. Jesus was even an influencer, albeit one of love and change; it’s our job to keep our eyes and ears open to the important messages.

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