Having A Weird Mom Builds Character | Amy B. Chesler

Amy B. Chesler is an author, award-winning blogger, & actress from Southern California. She discovered her passion for the literary and film worlds as early as she can remember, and has been voraciously reading, writing, and performing ever since. Amy’s journey has led her to contribute work to many popular publications. Read more…

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Jesus Was an Influencer

I keep seeing comments like, “You’re a ________, you should stick to that,” whether it be backlash at comedians, influencers, or entertainers of any type. But to me this makes

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Chicken Soup for the Soul Round-Up

Over the last eight years I have been privileged to contribute to a lot of wonderful publications, but very few are as respected and world-renown as Chicken Soup for the Soul. My five feel-good stories have appeared in seven different anthologies. And since it seems an appropriate time to share some virtual chicken soup with my followers, I thought I’d offer my first round-up post of ‘Soul Stories,’ as I’ll call them now.

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