Chicken Soup for the Soul Round-Up

Finding Happiness, Grief, Hard Lessons, Healing

Chicken Soup for the Soul Round-Up

Over the last decade I have been privileged to contribute to a lot of wonderful publications, but very few are as respected and world-renown as Chicken Soup for the Soul. My five feel-good stories have appeared in seven different anthologies. And since it seems an appropriate time to share some virtual chicken soup with my followers, I thought I’d offer my first round-up post of ‘Soul Stories,’ as I’ll call them now.

I first shared my story, “Love You Forever” in CSS: Messages from Heaven, which started my career with their books. It is the weird-but-true tale of how I found support from my mom, even after she died.

If you’re looking for a lighter read, I’d suggest reading Let’s Make a Deal. It’s a fun story of how my mom and I landed similar TV gigs forty years apart, and *spoiler alert* I won a car as a result.

Another tale that takes grief and transforms it in to something positive is To Galway, with Love. In it I describe my healing trip to Ireland and it’s deep impact on me.

If dreams are your thing, you’ll love Bus 152: No Longer in Service. In it I share a dream I had while pregnant with my daughter that carried me through the tough times. It’s nearly miraculous how dreams can suffice when we need so much more.

Last but not least, I wrote an ode to the detective who helped put my brothers behind bars in CSS: The Spirit of America’s. And Justice For All was the least I could do to honor a fabulous public servant who helped change my life.

For more on my Soul Stories and to hear an interview between CSS Editor-in-Chief Amy Newmark & myself, click here.